What Do We Do?

Fan Club

Fan Club Platform Development

Email Database Development

Tour Marketing

Why work with fangate?

We are dedicated to connecting artists with their fans and have four core values representing the principles and beliefs guiding our decisions and actions.

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Fans Come First

To strengthen and deepen the relationship between artists and fans with high caliber service.

Be Nice

In our business, first impressions are important but lasting impressions are everything. Our clients become our family.

Embrace The Inner Super Fan

Everyone on our team is a fan of music. Whichever artist they are passionate about, it matters that each of us has fun and is enthusiastic about what we do every day.

Every Voice Matters

Great ideas come from anywhere. We encourage all to speak up and most importantly, listen.


About fangate.

fangate. is a partnership between Fans First Productions and SoundRink. We have assembled an experienced and independent team of knowledgeable industry talent with a track record of success. We work alongside the artist and their team to manage the fan experience. fangate. has quickly become the “go to” for fan club management and marketing.