What Do We Do?

Fan Club

Fan Club Platform Development

Email Database Development

Tour Marketing

Why work with fangate?

We are dedicated to connecting artists with their fans and have four core values.

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Fans Come First

The music business wouldn't exist without fans.

Be Nice

We treat everyone with respect.

Embrace The Inner Super Fan

Everyone on our team is a fan of music.

Every Voice Matters

Great ideas can come from anywhere.


About fangate.

fangate. is a partnership between Fans First Productions and SoundRink and manages it all, from delivering the custom fan club site to content management, coordinating livestreams, and everything in-between. We work alongside the artist and their team to create and maintain fan engagement. Our belief is that it’s not about which platform you use; it’s about genuinely connecting artists with their fans. You can’t just set it and forget it. Every artist we work with has a Fan Club Manager dedicated to the account. We handle the details of the Fan Club so the artist can focus on the music. We collaborate with artists, labels, management, agencies, promoters, and brands to create memorable experiences.